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All Steel Ice and Sidewalk Scraper with Long Handle

All Steel Ice and Sidewalk Scraper with Long Handle

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The Bully Tools 92200 Heavy Duty Sidewalk and Ice Chopper All Steel with long Handle. This professional ice-Scraper is made with All Steel construction for strength and long life and will make the sidewalks safer for years to come. With a carbon steel blade that can be re-sharpened with either a file or grinder it will always have an edge to give the best chopping power on the ice. The comfortable grip gives it an ease of use that is unmatched. Tool length 56.5 in. Breaks up thick ice buildup. Founded in 1994, Bully Tools manufactures gardening and farm tools, shingle removers, floor scrapers, forestry and other specialty tools. With an unprecedented history of quality, Bully Tools is committed to applying the same reliability to our business practices. Bully Tools continues to grow and adapt to meet the ever changing needs of the economy and their consumers.

Ideal for easily chopping up and scraping ice off of sidewalks and driveways
Blade measures 7¡å L x 6¡å W with a total tool length of 46¡å for the D-Grip version and 58¡å for the Long Handle version
Rubber grip on long steel handle to provides maximum comfort throughout extended use
Protecting and durable powdered coat finish helps prevent rusting and extend tool life
100% Made In The USA
GET IT BEFORE WINTER - if you live in a region where winter is full of snow and ice, you need our Ice Scraper. Not only will chopping up ice save you from slipping and falling, but this tool can dig through snowbanks or break up the ice around your car
REMOVES ICE WITH EASE - this tool chisels, chops, and busts through even the toughest ice with ease. Note that it's easier to work in small sections because once you make a long cut or two across the area, the ice in between will crumble from the pressure of the blade

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