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Elongated Open Front Toilet Seat with Cover in White

Elongated Open Front Toilet Seat with Cover in White

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The Big John Toilet Seat, a 19 in. wide, 1200 pound capacity, ADA Compliant seat raises the height by 2-1/2 in. and fits on any standard toilet, round or elongated. Its large bumpers provide an anti-slip grip. Perfect for people with bad knees, back or hips as well as those who needs extra stability in their toilet seat, and anyone who wants a more comfortable toilet seat. Made in USA.

Oversize non-slip bumpers
2-1/2 in. rise
Fits on round as well as elongated toilets
1,200 lbs. capacity
75% more sitting areas than regular toilet seats
Unbreakable solid stainless steel hinges
Durability and comfort
Makes the bathroom more accessible and safer
Bariatric capacity
Installs in minutes
Made in the USA

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