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12-Gauge Drain Spade with 44.5 in. Hardwood Handle and Poly D-Grip

12-Gauge Drain Spade with 44.5 in. Hardwood Handle and Poly D-Grip

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Bully Tools American ash spades utilize the curved wood handle design preferred by contractors. Wood handles have less give, but are just as strong as our fiberglass handles. All Bully Tools spades have a closed back design that prevents debris getting stuck while digging. The spades also have extra thick 12-Gauge steel. The extended ferrule increases strength while prying. In testing, the steel spade head bends before the handle breaks in both wood and fiberglass models. The Dgrips have been redesigned for superior comfort and durability. Made with a special no-break Polypropylene co-polymer, you won't find a stronger dgrip. Watch our video to see it crush a cement block.

Ideal for digging narrow trenches and deeper holes for planting, as well as clearing out ditches
Constructed from 12 gauge 100% Made In The USA steel, up to 30% more durable against foreign competitors
Spade head measures 14¡å L x 5¡å W x 2¡å D with a total tool length of 44.5¡å
Handle made from high quality American hardwood
D-shaped polypropylene grip with a no-slip texture, designed to increase leverage and reduce hand fatigue while wide enough to accommodate work gloves
Closed-back provides additional strength and prevents soil buildup
Extended neck ferrule protects the handle and blade connection point - typically the weakest part of the tool - and extended footstep provides control
ALL-AMERICAN CONSTRUCTION - like all of our tools, our 12-Gauge 14-inch Drain Spade is constructed using only the toughest American-made parts - from the blade to the handle to the grip
TRENCHING MADE EASIER - our Drain Spade is 5-inches wide, the perfect size for a trench, and the rounded blade and curved edges allow little soil disruption in the areas that you want to keep intact
PERFECT FOR TRANSPLANTING - some refer to this tool as a 'transplanting spade' because transplanting is a task that this tool accomplishes very well since the blade is smaller in width than a shovel and won't disrupt the roots of the surrounding foliage

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