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16 Qt. Silver Oil-less Air Fryer with Built-In Timer

16 Qt. Silver Oil-less Air Fryer with Built-In Timer

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The Big Boss 1300-Watt, 16 Quart capacity Oil-Less Fryer allows you to make heart-healthy meals without the added calories that come with using a traditional deep fryer. The fryer's efficient design heats food quickly while retaining flavor and moisture. Suitable for cooking a range of meat, poultry, vegetables, and desserts, this versatile tabletop cooker comes in handy for any meal. Its two-tray design lets it cook multiple foods simultaneously, adding a dose of convenience to meal preparation.

Oil less and healthier choice: big boss oil-less air fryers fry with little to no oil and still keep the deep-fried crispy texture of food; frying bowl and pan combo separates food in the basket from fat and oil dripping down the pan
All-in-1 machine: big boss oil-less air fryers is not only an air fryer, with wide temperature range from 180¨H to 400¨H, this large air fryer allows you to air fry, bake, grill, roast, toast
Even and powerful heating: big boss oil-less air fryers circulates super-hot air around food to cook your meals faster thanks to the 1300W powerful built-in fan and 360¡ã air convection system
Cook like a pro: big boss oil-less air fryers oven offers adjustable time and temperature control via built-in technology to ensure delicious results for foods like meat, seafood, and vegetables, and includes a cookbook containing 50-popular recipes
SUPER SIZED CAPACITY: Large-sized 16-quart frying bowl easily fits a whole chicken for 3-6 people - great for dinner parties; the container is deep to leave enough space between food and heating tubes to avoid overheating.

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