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8-Year 18 ft. Round Navy Blue Above Ground Winter Pool Cover

8-Year 18 ft. Round Navy Blue Above Ground Winter Pool Cover

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Blue Wave's 8-year Solid Above-Ground Winter Covers are crafted from durable polyethylene featuring a 7x7 scrim count. Designed to protect your pool from the winter elements, these covers will not allow water to pass through the material. A black underside and heat-sealed seams keep leaves, sticks, and other debris out of your pool. Features a generous 4-ft overlap for a proper fit. Includes a metal winch and heavy-duty, vinyl-coated cable for securing the pool cover through the metal grommets that are spaced every 2-feet. Backed by an 8-year warranty with 1 year fully covered.

PROTECTS YOUR POOL - Blue Wave Winter Covers are perfect for regions that have winter weather. Designed to endure repeated exposure to harsh conditions, these covers provide protection for your above-ground swimming pool.
EASY TO SECURE - A vinyl-coated cable and a metal winch keep your pool cover secured tightly and efficiently. The cover features metal grommets spaced every 2-feet to ensure your pool remains protected.
STRENGTH AND DURABILITY - Crafted from woven, laminated polyethylene strands, every Blue Wave winter cover is treated to protect it from sunlight degradation. For additional protection, each cover has a black underside.
REDUCES SPRING MAINTENANCE - This solid cover with heat-sealed seams keeps dirt, leaves, and branches from decaying in your pool all winter, ensuring the water will be ready for another season of fun in the spring.
8-YEAR WARRANTY - Your winter cover comes with an 8-year pro-rated warranty. The first year is warranted for a full replacement on defects and material degradation.

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